INDIA pendants with leather cord Set of 2 pendants on leather cord

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An irresistible combination of two INDIA Leaf pendants in two sizes, medium and small. Delicately shimmering mother-of-pearl and green onyx make us dream of faraway lands. The pendants can be combined as desired with a fine leather strap or worn individually. The perfect necklace for the summer!


18K rose gold
Set of 1 INDIA pendant medium with leaf Mother-of-Pearl, carved from both sides (ca. 6,0 g)
Botanical name: Pinctada Maxima mollusk
Mother-of-pearl is a natural product sourced in Australian waters
It is not subject to species protection
1 INDIA pendant small with green Onyx (ca. 12ct)
2 thin leather cords in orange and nude
pendant and leather cords are also available separately