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TAMARA COMOLLI Charity "Mother-of-Pearl" is the so-called “protective inner layer” of varied mussel species. Due to light refraction, this layer shimmers in all the colors of the rainbow. Iridescence is the scientific term for this mesmerizing range of color that people really love. Some of our popular INDIA LEAF pendants are made of lustrous Mother-of-Pearl - available in small, medium and large and in all colors of gold. In recent years, they were part of our "#sharelove" campaign – a charity initiative still ongoing in Europe and USA. The INDIA LEAF "Mother-of-Pearl" is a symbol for a mother’s unequivocal love. This is also reflected in the logo of the charity cause: two iconic TAMARA COMOLLI drops united in a gently curved heart. The small drop is protected by the large drop. TAMARA COMOLLI donates 10% of every Mother-of-Pearl INDIA LEAF sold in our boutiques in Germany, the US and our online store to SOS Children's Villages. Please feel free to donate directly, too. The Mother-of-Pearl INDIA LEAF pendants look good with:
How to stack BOUTON rings BOUTON rings, available in small and large, are made to be collected! Combine selected gemstones in different colors and sizes to match your every mood! How to combine our BOUTON rings? Check out our video for famous variations. Mix and match your favorite colors! BOUTON rings contain the highest quality gemstones and come in all the colors of the rainbow. Choose your fav
BOUTON Ringe Weißgold mit Mondstein und Chalcedon
BOUTON rings white gold with Moonstones and Chalcedony
Gem of the month This April, our gem of the month is a very famous one, the diamond! Known as the king of gemstones. It gives every piece of jewelry a unique sparkle. Characteristic The diamond is the hardest mineral of all, consisting of crystallize
SNOWFLAKES LEAF pendant and SIGNATURE bracelet
1 Necklace, 4 Looks A long 18K necklace is an elegant and precious fine jewelry forever piece and should not be reserved for your jewel box. How to make a long necklace a perfect partner for everyday? Discover our 4 looks for different outfits and occasions (By the way: You can also use one of our thin leather cords). Doubled Wear a long 90cm necklace twice around your neck and the pendants will a
25 years TAMARA COMOLLI! We are happy to celebrate 25 years of TAMARA COMOLLI this year. This year we are hosting some wonderful anniversary events. Our annual “First” in-house fair at the picturesque lake Tegernsee was the kick-off for a series of anniversary festivities. TAMARA COMOLLI hosted an exclusive preview of the new collections for national and international wholesale partners. On the 24th of February, we welcomed our national and international press partners at the Heart Member Club in Munich for our TAMARA COMOLLI Press Day, giving an exclusive presentation of our new collections. The colorful and exotic atmosphere in the Social Room of the Heart House was the perfect platform to present our “CRUISE” highlights and other hot trend topics. Wonderful event impressions, filled with love and passion for our brand, which has always reinvented itself and surprised throughout the last 25 years. Upcoming international Events: March 23 - March 30 Baselworld, Switzerland (Hall 2.1, G
TAMARA COMOLLI 25 years events
Stunning, iconic MIKADO FLAMENCO bracelet Color Story Candy
Stunning, iconic MIKADO FLAMENCO bracelet Color Story Candy
First in-house exhibition at Lake Tegernsee
First in-house exhibition at Lake Tegernsee
Yes, they’re easy to wear, fit to many styles and invite to create individual expression: INDIA LEAF pendants reflect our signature laid-back attitude. The delicate pendants are engraved with florals and ornamental patterns. INDIA LEAF pendants add a perfect finishing touch to casual everyday looks, vacation wardrobes or elegant city styles. Team different sizes and colors for a typical layering look. Three INDIA LEAF sizes Mastering the art of layering might not need to be hard. Choose different sizes and colors of INDIA LEAF pendants. INDIA LEAF pendants are available in three different sizes: large, medium and small. Variety of colors Choose from a large variety of colors - from rose to minty Chalcedony or elegant black Onyx. Celebrate your personal style with our true fine jewelry essential.
Typical Layering Look
Typical Layering Look
Our gem of the month CHARACTERISTIC Pink Tourmalines vary from light rose to intense pink with a vitreous luster.Green Tourmaline color range is from light to dark green with a vitreous luster.Large and flawless Tourmalines are rare. Pink Tourmalines look similar to Topaz, Morganite or Spinel. A green Tourmaline to Peridot, Grossular or Vesuvanite. Tourmaline is the birthstone for October. Origin Pink Tourmaline: Italy, Russia, USA, Mozambique, Namibia, Nigeria, BrazilGreen Tourmaline: Australia, India, Myanmar, Pakista
#acornsaroundtheworld Our typical little acorns conquers the hotspots worldwide. Either in New York, the Hamptons, Istanbul, Amsterdam or on Mykonos, our favourite MIKADO pendants portray every location in a special way. Follow us on Instagram and experience the world of TAMARA COMOLLI. Share your foto with us by tagging it with #acornsaroundtheworld or send it to: Inspiration Discover our favorite MIKADO pendant combinations or create your individual combination.
This Spring layering is still a fashion 'buzz word'. Layering different bracelets and necklaces gives you more creativity, uniqueness and of course always a new styling. Mix and match leather, natural wooden beads and pure gold with or without Diamonds. An elegant and classic statement bracelet like the SIGNATURE bracelet becomes a sportive appeal in combination with a leather bracelet. Perfect for everyday.

We love green - just like Pantone's color of the year: Greenery. The fresh yellow-green shades reflect nature, relaxation and hope. We are dreaming of green meadows and fresh air. Take a deep breath - springtime, here we come!