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Blue as our signature color is reflected in an interesting variety of gemstones. It's the color of the ocean, the sky and on top of all: our BRAND color. Discover all gemstones in shades of blue from rare to contemporary fashionable. TOPAZ One of our signature gemstones is the Topaz. Be inspired by a true blue color sensation when combining our three shades of Topaz: The light and pale Sky Topaz, the intensely glowing Swiss Topaz and the dark blue moody London Topaz. SAPPHIRES The classical blue gemstone is Sapphire. Here the shades of blue ranges from light to very dark, which is determined by origin. Most desired is the deep royal blue from Ceylon. You can find blue sapphires in our bespoke CURRICULUM VITAE "Sky" ring or in our new BOUTON Solitaire rings. CHALCEDONY Chalcedony is a variety of Quartz with a waxy luster. As a tribute to denim as our firm fashion favorite, we created the INDIA LEAF in beautiful DENIM blue. COLLECTIBLES with very rare BLUE Gemstones For our one-of-a
A mother's love is irreplaceable for every human of any culture. They give us protection, security and trust. Since 1914 the "Mother's Day" is officially celebrated worldwide, which has originally evolved in the US from the so-called "Mother's Day Meetings", where mothers met to talk about current topics. Although we should not only celebrate the love for our mothers on a special day, all of them deserve this day as a special recognition! In times of everyday stress and fast pace, Mother's Day reminds us of the really
With our beautiful diamond cut BOUTON Solitaire rings! Go for the classical editions with white or champagne-colored diamonds or try our new colorful BOUTON Solitaire designs with yellow and blue sapphires or intense-pink spinels. A ring design as versatile and individual as the woman who wears it! Either worn alone or in combination with our BOUTON rings in small or large, you can create entirely new combinations. Explore the BOUTON collection here.
BOUTON Solitaire with a 0,25ct white diamond, 18K rose gold
Colorful Easter eggs mirror the joy of Spring. In many parts of the world, they mark the end of a long, cold Winter. Our gemstone pieces make the start to the season especially bright! The BOUTON Collections's solitaire rings and ear studs bring a splash of color to every outfit. See how the earrings' smooth cabochon-cut brings the beauty of these precious gems to life. Our new solitaires come in sunflower yellow and cornflower blue Sapphires, or in breathtaking pink Spinel. See them sparkle like the fi
Explore the BOUTON collection!
All About Earrings Discover a world of earrings to match many styles, be it colorful, elegant or romantic! BOUTON STUDS: Color meets sparkle! The BOUTON collection is introducing colorful ear studs adorned with a dazzling diamond to match the popular BOUTON rings. This design truly convinces through its sassy wearability, up-to-dateness and coolness. The BOUTON earring can either be shown classical, with the diamond showing downwards or sassy in the trendy style slanted sideways along the ear. An earring
BOUTON studs with deep blue Swiss Topaz!