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They are playful, they are versatile and they tempt to collect - MIKADO pendants! Our MIKADO pendants are an essential piece of the TAMARA COMOLLI collections. Available in three sizes, these acorn shaped charms add the perfect finishing touch to any outfit. Choose from an endless palette of gemstones and Diamonds. The medium und large size MIKADO pendants are also available with a so-called "fariy" cap. A gold setting with gently curved drop holes. You can choose between the plain or a fairy cap when you are looking for your favorite MIKADO pendant. Do you already know the different styling options? Wear them with a thick leather cord for a casual look or choose one of your delicate necklaces for a classic styling. Add a medium sized MIKADO pendant, MIKADO BOUQUET, to one of our 18K gold DROP bracelets. The pendant fits perfect to the centered DROP shape link. Wear the MIKADO BOUQUET pendants with one of our hand made thick leather cords. Combine it a DROP clasp fine jewelry for a ty
Medium MIKADO pendants
Medium MIKADO pendants
Travel to Ibiza We´re thrilled to announce our first cooperation with a high fashion retailer: Reyerlooks in Austria! True to their current motto Travel to Ibiza, we join an exciting array of up and coming luxury brands in an in-store exhibition in Hallein. High-end fashion, accessories, shoes and bags create that “Ibiza feeling” with bright, vibrant colors, light, airy fabrics and straw and wooden materials. Tunics, summer hats, cool sandals and glamorous jewelry make you dream of the legendary Iberian island. Join us
Mandarin Garnet Its intensive color, a unique brightness and an outstanding brilliancy make it our Gem of the Month: The Mandarin Garnet. Due to its unique nature it is used in many of our color stories. Characteristic The Mandarin Garnet belongs to the nesosilicates. It is also called Spessartine as it was originally mined in Spessart, near Aschaffenburg in Germany. It rates 6.5 to 7.5 on the Mohs Scale of hardness. Intensively orange and clear Mandarin Garnets considered to be particularly precious. Origin Although fi
Mandarin Garnet
BOUTON rings Color Story Fire
TAMARA COMOLLI Charity "Mother-of-Pearl" is the so-called “protective inner layer” of varied mussel species. Due to light refraction, this layer shimmers in all the colors of the rainbow. Iridescence is the scientific term for this mesmerizing range of color that people really love. Some of our popular INDIA LEAF pendants are made of lustrous Mother-of-Pearl - available in small, medium and large and in all colors of gold. In recent years, they were part of our "#sharelove" campaign – a charity initiative
How to stack BOUTON rings BOUTON rings, available in small and large, are made to be collected! Combine selected gemstones in different colors and sizes to match your every mood! How to combine our BOUTON rings? Check out our video for famous variations. Mix and match your favorite colors! BOUTON rings contain the highest quality gemstones and come in all the colors of the rainbow. Choose your favorites to create an individual look. However, we recommend to stick to the same color gold when putting your c
BOUTON Ringe Weißgold mit Mondstein und Chalcedon
BOUTON rings white gold with Moonstones and Chalcedony
Gem of the month This April, our gem of the month is a very famous one, the diamond! Known as the king of gemstones. It gives every piece of jewelry a unique sparkle. Characteristic The diamond is the hardest mineral of all, consisting of crystallized carbon from the center of the earth. It rates 10 on the Mohs scale of hardness. This means that only a diamond can scratch another diamond. Diamond valuation encompasses the 4 C´s: Carat, Color, Clarity and Cut. The diamond is the birthstone of April. Origin Diamonds are mined all over the world, with the most important sources being Botswana, Russia, Canada and South Africa. Australia is home to the most beautiful yellow and pink diamonds. History The first historical mention of diamonds was in India. Until the 18th century, it was the only country in which diamonds were mined. In ancient Greece, people believed that diamonds are splinters falling from the stars, or even teardrops from the gods. Jewelry As a symbol of unity, strength and ever-lasting love, the diamond is, of course, ideal for engagement rings. Worn by itself, it has a
SNOWFLAKES LEAF pendant and SIGNATURE bracelet
BOUTON rings
1 Necklace, 4 Looks A long 18K necklace is an elegant and precious fine jewelry forever piece and should not be reserved for your jewel box. How to make a long necklace a perfect partner for everyday? Discover our 4 looks for different outfits and occasions (By the way: You can also use one of our thin leather cords). Doubled Wear a long 90cm necklace twice around your neck and the pendants will a
25 years TAMARA COMOLLI! We are happy to celebrate 25 years of TAMARA COMOLLI this year. This year we are hosting some wonderful anniversary events. Our annual “First” in-house fair at the picturesque lake Tegernsee was the kick-off for a series of a
TAMARA COMOLLI 25 years events
Yes, they’re easy to wear, fit to many styles and invite to create individual expression: INDIA LEAF pendants reflect our signature laid-back attitude. The delicate pendants are engraved with florals and ornamental patterns. INDIA LEAF pendants add a perfect finishing touch to casual everyday looks, vacation wardrobes or elegant city styles. Team different sizes and colors for a typical layering
Typical Layering Look
Typical Layering Look
Our gem of the month CHARACTERISTIC Pink Tourmalines vary from light rose to intense pink with a vitreous luster.Green Tourmaline color range is from light to dark green with a vitreous luster.Large and flawless Tourmalines are rare. Pink Tourmalines look similar to Topaz, Morganite or Spinel. A green Tourmaline to Peridot, Grossular or Vesuvanite. Tourmaline is the birthstone for October. Origin Pink Tourmaline: Italy, Russia, USA, Mozambique, Namibia, Nigeria, BrazilGreen Tourmaline: Australia, India, Myanmar, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, USA, Nigeria, Namibia History The first Tourmaline was green and discovered in 1500s in Brazil. It was mistaken as Emerald until 1800s. The name comes from the word “turamali”= mixed colored stones in Singhalese (a language of Sri Lanka) reflecting the confusion about the stones identity. Tourmaline has one of the widest color ranges of any gem species. It occurs virtually in every hue. Old Egyptian legend say that the Tourmaline, on its long journey up fro
One-of-a-kind Collectible ring
One-of-a-kind Collectible ring - please contact customer service