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They are playful, they are versatile and they tempt to collect - MIKADO pendants! Our MIKADO pendants are an essential piece of the TAMARA COMOLLI collections. Available in three sizes, these acorn shaped charms add the perfect finishing touch to any outfit. Choose from an endless palette of gemstones and Diamonds. The medium und large size MIKADO pendants are also available with a so-called "fariy" cap. A gold setting with gently curved drop holes. You can choose between the plain or a fairy cap when you are looking for your favorite MIKADO pendant. Do you already know the different styling options? Wear them with a thick leather cord for a casual look or choose one of your delicate necklaces for a classic styling. Add a medium sized MIKADO pendant, MIKADO BOUQUET, to one of our 18K gold DROP bracelets. The pendant fits perfect to the centered DROP shape link. Wear the MIKADO BOUQUET pendants with one of our hand made thick leather cords. Combine it a DROP clasp fine jewelry for a
Peridot Green Peridot is our gem of the month in August. Light and deep shades of natural green remind us of summer meadows. Fine, natural inclusions in the gems makes peridot jewelry truly unique. Origin As early as 1500 B.C. Peridot was found on Zebirget, an island in the Red Sea. Today, it is sourced in countries as varied as Brazil, Australia, USA, China, Pakistan, Myanmar, Kenya and Norway. History The name is derived from the Greek “peridona”, meaning “giving plenty” and from the Arab “faridat”, meaning “gem.” Its
Peridot - Gem of the month August
Peridot - Gem of the month August
TUPLIP rings
TUPLIP rings
What our clients and partners say 2017 marks the 25th anniversary of TAMARA COMOLLI. Its evolution is not only due to its collections and unique philosophy, but also its dedication to developing strong, enduring client and partner relationships. The brand anniversary is a perfect opportunity to honor and reflect on these many relationships worldwide. Therefore, we conducted a series of interviews with selected partners with a view to exploring their relationship with brand. When and where did you first discover the TA
The designer Tamara Comolli in her early beginnings
MIKADO FLAMENCO bracelet "Candy" special edition 25years in 18k rose gold - please contact our Customer Service
Candy Luscious Jungle On July 8th, our 10th Ladies Lust golf cup took place at mesmerizing lake Tegernsee. Beautifully presented sponsor stations from Sandra Sharma, Stop Over Reisen, Madame & La Biosthetique, Detox Delight and Luxurydejavu welcomed our ambitious golf players with healthy snacks and drinks while introducing their individual products. Under the motto "Candy Luscious Jungle", the Tegernseer Golfclub Bad Wiessee was transformed into an exotic jungle, serving branded coconuts and welcoming o
Impressionen Ladies Lust 2017
Impressionen Ladies Lust 2017
Turquoise Just like the deep blue sea: our gem of the month in July is turquoise. Characteristic Turquoise belongs to hydrated copper/aluminium phosphates. This very rare gemstone is only found in dry, “low mineral” areas and is described as “stable” with a porous surface. On the Mohs Scale of hardness it rates 5 to 6. Very few turquoises come in a deep turquoise blue or green. Many of them are covered with a so-called "matrix", a grey, brown or black net of veins which comes from their chemical compositi
Loopy bracelet and BOUTON rings
LOOPY bracelet with turquoise and BOUTON rings with turquoise and diamonds
MIKADO BOUQUET pendant with turquoise, cacholong and carnelian
INDIA bracelet turquoise