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The perfect accessory for fall Our INDIA LEAF pendants come in as many different colors as the forests and trees that inspired them. Available in small, medium and large, you can choose from light pastels, vibrant shades and dark, earthy tones. The best choice for fall is the wooden LEAF in precious Snake Wood – available in two pendant sizes or as a beautiful pair of earrings. Highly fashionable, the LEAVES are also wonderfully crafted. The Snake Wood piece is hand carved on both sides and is a

Fashion Inspiration Every Fall, nature unfolds its wonders in opulent tones of aubergine, burgundy, blackberry and deep purple. Shades that not only inspire the world of fashion with beautiful burgundy stlyes but also match our Color Story “Wildberry”. Fabulous Tourmaline and Amethyst light up foggy days and enhance every cozy Fall outfit. Rays of diamond cut Sapphires surprise with their many berry color variations. The natural Corundum gemstone that is both a Sapphire (when blue, purple or rose) and Ruby (when red)
SNOWFLAKES LEAF Anhänger in der Color Story "Wildberry" - please contact
MIKADO FLAMENCO bracelet Color Story "Wildberry" - please contact
Magically unique This gem of the ocean has become a favorite ever since introducing it to our collection! Sourced in Madagascar in mines which are only accessible at low tide, every Ocean Jasper is a one-of-a-kind with its earthy tones and stunning patterns. Beautiful as it is, fine jewelry tends to neglect it as no two stones are alike. However, for us, that’s what makes it so fascinating. Not only is it gorgeously natural and Bohemian, but when wearing an Ocean Jasper, you can be sure to be unique! A highlight of our
Selection of natural Ocean Jasper
Beautiful Madagascar
What our clients and partners say 2017 marks the 25th anniversary of TAMARA COMOLLI. Its evolution is not only due to its collections and unique philosophy, but also its dedication to developing strong, enduring client and partner relationships. The brand anniversary is a perfect opportunity to honor and reflect on these many relationships worldwide. Therefore, we conducted a series of interviews with our partners with a view to exploring their relationship with the brand. When and where did you first d
The Designer - Tamara Comolli
Looking back to 25 years of passion for gems and design.
MIKADO FLAMENCO bracelet "Candy" special edition 25years in 18k rose gold - please contact
Flora and fauna offer an extraordinary variety of shapes and colors. Yet different shades of green are not only found in vegetation, but in those hidden treasures of nature to which precious gemstones belong. The Peridot, known to the Romans as the “evening emerald” is primarily found in Myanmar. It comes in yellow and brownish shades of green, as well as in an olive tone, from which its second name, the Olivine, is derived. The Tsavorit - belonging to the Garnet family of gems - is remarkable for its
TULIP ring small Peridot - please contact our Customer Service
LILY ring green Tourmaline - please contact our Customer Service