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Visiting our production team in Milan This October, our production team traveled to Milan for exclusive insights and knowledge exchange with our Italian goldsmiths. For 20 years, many of our TAMARA COMOLLI items have been produced here right in the center of beautiful Milan. A team of 8 from our own atelier in Tegernsee, from our design and production team, gemstone department and quality control had a look behind the scenes at some fascinating craftsmanship and with a mission for collection launch briefing. From first samples to complete and polished items, they followed the production processes step by step. In addition every visit needs a stopover at our leather manufacturing atelier, where our beloved little leather pouches and straps are made by hand. For many years we carefully select leather for quality and color to add just the right touch to our packaging. Some of our colleagues also took the time for a little sightseeing in Milan. They visited the famous cathedral, Duomo di Milano, and took a snap of our beautiful MIKADO pendants in front of it.
Our team in Milan
Italian goldsmiths
Golden chain for the MIKADO FLAMENCO bracelet
Unique Venini vases for long-standing partners This year TAMARA COMOLLI celebrates its 25th brand anniversary - a time full of outstanding jewelry, exciting trends, wonderful memories and unique partnerships. Also a time to say thank you to all of our wonderful partners and jewelers for being part of the TAMARA COMOLLI story since its very beginnings. With a very special gift: As a token of our gr
Special "Thank You" gift: Venini vases "Fazzoletto"
Fascinating craftsmanship
The perfect accessory for fall Our INDIA LEAF pendants come in as many different colors as the forests and trees that inspired them. Available in small, medium and large, you can choose from light pastels, vibrant shades and dark, earthy tones. The b
25 Years Brand News Have you already discovered our latest anniversary journal? Here we feature the latest Collection and many stories behind the scenes. Get inspired by the latest trends with mesmerizing moonstones, our INDIA collection, CURRICULUM VITAE rings as well as diamonds. Looking back to 25 years of brand building success we have asked some business partner ambassadors to tell their view
Fashion Inspiration Every Fall, nature unfolds its wonders in opulent tones of aubergine, burgundy, blackberry and deep purple. Shades that not only inspire the world of fashion with beautiful burgundy stlyes but also match our Color Story “Wildberry”. Fabulous Tourmaline and Amethyst light up foggy days and enhance every cozy Fall outfit. Rays of diamond cut Sapphires surprise with their many berry color variations. The natural Corundum gemstone that is both a Sapphire (when blue, purple or rose) and Ruby (when red) explains that colors range from red to blue. For a vibrant splash of color, choose stunning pink Tourmaline. Its intensive shade is as beautiful as it is rare. Our MIKADO pendants and BOUTON rings are perfectly cut to catch the light, letting this gorgeous color shine at its best. Or go a bit softer with rose Tourmaline - indeed a delicate treasure! Another fascinating berry-colored gem is the Amethyst. The dark purple hue is powerful and mysterious. Sophisticated on it
SNOWFLAKES LEAF Anhänger in der Color Story "Wildberry" - please contact
MIKADO FLAMENCO bracelet Color Story "Wildberry" - please contact
Blue, purple and rose Sapphires