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Situated on the Mediterranean Sea on the Costa del Sol, Marbella is the perfect place to relax and enjoy the sun and the beautiful sandy beaches. TAMARA COMOLLI opened a Boutique in this stunning location in 2016. In the prestigious Marbella Club Hotel you can find our Boutique managed by Georgette, our lovely Boutique Manager. Read why she loves TAMARA COMOLLI and what she's inspired by in this spirit location. MEET GEORGETTE When did you start at TAMARA COMOLLI? "I started 1st of March this year." What makes TAMARA COMOLLI so special for you? "I am simply in love with TAMARA COMOLLI jewelry: it's so pure, so perfect in every single way. It's not just a piece of jewelry, it's a piece of art, a pure feeling. And the spirit, Casual Luxury, is in my soul ever since!" What are your favorite products? "I would always go for the MIKADO Flamenco bracelet, it is so iconic and perfect! I also love BOUTON rings, it's just great how you can combine them in so many gemstone colors! The perfect ring for every outfit!" And what about your favorite Color Story? "Oh, I really like the CANDY Color Story and also I love all shades of blue like Turquoise as it perfectly resembles the ocean! Bright
BOUTON rings Peridot large and Diamond pavé small
In January 2018, a part of the TAMARA COMOLLI team travelled to Jaipur, India, together with a camera team. The ­mission of the trip was to learn about the highly creative processes behind the production of INDIA leaves – from the first design idea to the finished product. Through this journey we discovered how difficult it is to work the raw materials like Chalcedony and Onyx. The gems are extremely ­fragile and their production is highly complex. Nothing is more exciting than to dive into foreign cultu
TAMARA COMOLLI pays tribute to its hallmark, the “drop”, featured right throughout the collection as well as in the brand’s corporate design. The WAVE ring - one of this year’s novelty highlights – is made of three intertwining drops beautifully crafted in a pure and elegant design with flowing lines. A new addition to the SIGNATURE collection, the WAVE ring once again celebrates the designer’s love of the ocean and the inspiration she gains from the element of water. It is available in rose, yellow or white gold and i
Tamara Comolli, Booklet, Collections, 2018
Collections Booklet 2018
Just back from Baselworld 2018, we look back on an exciting and successful fair. One of the world’s most significant shows for high-end watches, jewelry and gemstones, this year’s Baselworld was shortened in duration and concentrated on fewer, key p
Baselworld impressions (Credit: Felix Liebel/Untitled)
CARE-FREE PIECES FOR LUXURY TRAVEL Resort fashion trends of 2018 reflect a “back-to-nature” look in earthy tones of camel, mustard and clay as well as sage and moss-green. Inspired by this, TAMARA COMOLLI presents easy-towear jewelry in just these c
Snakewood Buddha Necklaces (limited)