25 years of Tamara Comolli

    What our clients and partners say

    2017 marks the 25th anniversary of TAMARA COMOLLI. Its evolution is not only due to its collections and unique philosophy, but also its dedication to developing strong, enduring client and partner relationships. 

    The Designer - Tamara Comolli
    1. Looking back to 25 years of passion for gems and design. 2. 25 Jahre TAMARA COMOLLI 3. MIKADO FLAMENCO bracelet "Candy" special edition 25years in 18k rose gold - please contact customerservice@tamaracomolli.com

    The brand anniversary is a perfect opportunity to honor and reflect on these many relationships worldwide. Therefore, we conducted a series of interviews with our partners with a view to exploring their relationship with the brand. 

    When and where did you first discover the TAMARA COMOLLI brand?
    What attracted you to it?

    C. Espley-Miller: "Wrapped around a friend´s wrist in Greece. A MIKADO FLAMENCO bracelet in the most exquisite shades of turquoise, the bold scale, the quality of detail. I couldn´t take my eyes off it! It was, and remains, the perfect summer bracelet!"

    Find out more about Caroly Espley-Miller on slimpaley.com.

    L. Pelzel: "We discovered Tamaras work at the Baselworld show, approximately 23 years ago. Always on the hunt for unique, well made jewelry, we were intrigued by her use of cabochon colored gems. We immediately knew she had to be added to our designer matrix!"

    C. Jürgens: "I was immediately impressed by the charm and determination with which such a small company was able to build an international brand."

    M. Schmidt: "I saw some jewelry on a dear friend - so sophisticated, yet feminine and cool. One day, I visited the shop in Sylt and met Tamara. I could immediately see where her designs are coming from. Her heart is clearly reflected in every piece. Her designs got me 100%."

    Find out more about Magdolna Schmidt on silksofine.com.

    S. Stefanski: "I´ve known the brand since its beginning. I was very impressed and amazed that a woman who came from a totally different background was so brave to present such a different style of jewelry. I have great respect for a pioneer like her."

    M. Hartington: "25 years ago, in a small multi-brand showroom, I have discovered for myself Tamara Comolli´s fine jewelry. The collection immediately captured my attention so much I could not resist to bring it to Marissa Collections even though we didn´t sell fine jewelry. I knew the beautiful colored gems, both feminine and organic yet still modern in design would be perfect for the Naples women."

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    What do you associate with the brand? How would you describe its spirit and appeal?

    M. Schmidt: "You find a piece of nature in every design. Soft lines and bright colors are right in front of us, but we need an artist like Tamara to make us realize what beautiful nature surrounds us."

    M. Hartington: "This jewelry is perfect for our resort lifestyle being young, fresh and casual, also equally being chic and sophisticated simultaneously."

    C. Espley-Miller: "I associate Tamara herself with the brand. She is such a gorgeous ambassador with infinite panache. You know that old adage: Take one accessory off before going out! Tamara doesn´t need to do that!"

    C.Jürgens: "Tamara Comolli, as a person and brand, is so likeable and unique. She has managed to create a completely new niche with a brand that is casual, cool and summery. It´s for women who don´t need to brag, but who love understated hippie glam."

    L. Pelzel: "Tamara´s creations are fluid, wearable and timeless. Each piece reflects her attention to detail and strict guidelines on quality of gemstones. The spirit is care-free chic that appeals to the confident jewelry collector."

    S. Stefanski: "Tamara was able to establish a totally new approach to jewelry design within a very conservative industry. Tamara´s colorful and innovative designs managed to convince even the most conservative jewelry wearers." 

    S. Volandes: "The term free spirit gets tossed around too easily but there is something eternally alluring about the individual who pursues their passions singularly, with a vision that is their own, and a style that is one of a kind. Combine that with an unerring eye for quality, an unstoppable curiosity that inspires the quest for unique and rare stones, and you begin to see why the name Tamara Comolli is not just a collection of exceptional and exceptionally contemporary jewelry, but is an idea in and of itself."

    What is your favorite TAMARA COMOLLI piece and why?

    C. Jürgens: "The MIKADO FLAMENCO bracelet. It makes the world shine!"

    L. Pelzel: "The FLAMENCO Candy bracelets. It is THE essential and iconic TC piece. A rainbow of wonderful colors to choose from, unparalleled fluidity and extremely easy to wear."

    M. Schmidt: "A special pearl necklace I got from my husband. It´s made of hand-picked Tahitian pearls and you can wear it both to black tie events or the beach. It was a long time dream of mine. I just love it!"

    C. Espley-Miller: "It´s extremely difficult to pick a favorite, but I´d say the MIKADO FLAMENCO bracelets, which are simply too fabulous for words. I also love the INDIA leaves on leather and the FAIRY collection combined."

    S. Stefanski: "My favorite pieces are her pearl designs because they are so extremely charming. Tamara has been a pioneer in designing pearl jewelry that has character and a special twist. The way she picked the pearls has been revolutionary, mixing different sizes, shapes and shades. I appreciate the natural and authentic shapes of these designs. They are unique in the industry." 

    1. MIKADO FLAMENCO bracelet "Candy" with 51 hand-picked gemstones - please contact our Customer Service 2. PEARL necklace with Tahitian pearls - please contact our Customer Service

    Why does the brand fit so well to your client base?
    What do you have in common?

    C. Espley-Miller: "Tamara is a bit of a Bohemian soul, so we have that in common, as well as a shared love of travel and beautiful things."

    M. Schmidt: "We share our love of nature and subtle luxury. High quality is very important to me. I enjoy things that are outstanding in an understated way."

    C. Jürgens: "The brand is for independent women who don´t need to show off but who love understatement and live a hippie glam spirit."

    L. Pelzel: "Tamara herself essentially fits the profile of our customers - strong-willed, intelligent, confident and stlyish, and always on the move. Her jewelry appeals to a broad audience - high-end luxury for our core customer, as well as approachable price points for the beginner collector."

    S. Volandes: "When I wear Tamaras piece I feel a bit freer, a bit more open to the wonders of life´s possibilities, a bit more in tune with the best the world has to offer. Plus, they secretly make me think I look like she does in white jeans and sneakers."

    What do you wish for the brand for the next 25 years?

    L.Pelzel: "We are very confident that TAMARA COMOLLI will continue to grow and reach many more new collectors over the next 25 years. Congratulations on 25 years of success. We realize how lucky we are to work together."

    M. Hartington: "Thank you Tamara for 25 years of your talent and creativity, your dedication to beauty and Marissa Collections. We love and can´t wait to see what more you have to come."