#Acornsaroundtheworld raffle

    Our highlights

    For many years our MIKADO pendants have been travelling the world. Together with their owners they discover beautiful hotspots and may appear at #acornsaroundtheworld.

    1. MIKADO BOUQUET and MIKADO BOUQUET XL pendants in Basel 2. MIKADO FLAMENCO pendants in Barcelona

    This year, we gave MIKADO pendant owners the chance to take part in a competition presenting their wonderful pictures! From July until December they were called upon to upload photos of their very own MIKADO pendants on Facebook or Instagram under #acornsaroundtheworld. In doing so, they had the chance to win a brand new pendant. We were thrilled by all their creative posts which we collected on acornsaroundtheworld.com. Take a look and enjoy!

    Venice and Santorini with beautiful shades of deep blue and turquoise!

    These pendants as well as a gorgeous MIKADO FLAMENCO bracelet were spotted surrounded by beautiful nature.

    Inspired by water - our pendants in fresh shades of blue in Formentera and Liguria and at Lake Tegernsee. 

    We would like to say Thank You to all participants for all the great pictures!