Visiting our production team in Milan

    Now that our Boutique in Forte dei Marmi in Tuscany opened in June 2018, we want to tell you more about the connection that existed ever since between TAMARA COMOLLI and 'Bella Italia'. 
    To learn more about Italy and our production site, we traveled to Milan for exclusive insights and knowledge exchange with our Italian goldsmiths last year. For 20 years now many of our TAMARA COMOLLI items have been produced here right in the center of beautiful Milan.

    1. Our team in Milan 2. Italian goldsmiths 3. Gold chain for the MIKADO FLAMENCO bracelet

    A team of eight TAMARA COMOLLI employees from our design, production, gemstone and quality control department had a look behind the scenes at some fascinating craftsmanship. From first samples to complete and polished items, they followed the production processes step by step. 

    1. Production of our SIGNATURE pendants 2. Sanding and polishing of ring


    In addition every visit to Milan of course requires a stopover at our leather manufacturing atelier, where our beloved little leather pouches and straps are made by hand. For many years now we carefully select leather for quality and color to add just the right touch to our packaging. 

    1. Manufacturing TAMARA COMOLLI leather straps 2. From the first cut leather piece... 3. the shiny TAMARA COMOLLI pouch

    Of course, we also took the time for a little sightseeing in Milan. We visited the famous cathedral 'Duomo di Milano' and took a snap of our beautiful MIKADO pendants there. 
    From Milan it's only a short drive to the Italian East Coast, where prestigious Forte dei Marmi is located. Visit our lovely TAMARA COMOLLI Boutique in the centre of Forte dei Marmi, discover our colorful gems and enjoy a dip in the warm Mediterranean Sea afterwards!

    For more details on our Boutique in Forte dei Marmi, please click here!