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    The origins of the SNOWFLAKES Leaf

    TAMARA COMOLLI is not only renowned for a huge variety of colored gemstones, but also for outstanding expertise in diamonds. The most famous gemstone of all plays a very special role in TAMARA COMOLLI Collections. Its outstanding brilliance gives every piece of jewelry an incomparable, timeless elegance. 

    A very special story began in Venice, 2004 when the brand was honored with the DeBeers Diamond Award. The briefing was to design a piece of jewelry that reflects the origins of the Earth. Tamara Comolli knew immediately that she would interpret her brand symbol, the DROP. The leaf shape alludes to Adam and Eve and how everything began. A design inspired by a fig leaf arose, with a belt made of flowing diamonds. The front shows the large SNOWFLAKES Leaf. Behind lies a surprise - a small, hanging leaf.  

    SNOWFLAKES Leaf diamond belt
    SNOWFLAKES Leaf diamond belt

    Thanks to this story, the small leaf became an integral part of the Collection, as well as Tamara Comolli’s personal talisman. Those who know her often see her wearing the leaf on a casual leather strap. Or, as color is always her passion, she wears a leaf studded on the back with vibrant sapphires – a tribute to her wonderful Color Stories.  

    1. Tamara Comolli wearing her SNOWFLAKES LEAF as her personal talisman on a leather strap 2. SNOWFLAKES LEAF white gold with diamonds and rose gold in our color story "Wildberry"

    The LACE Ring complements the Leaf beautifully. Its smooth and intricate drops fit snugly on the finger. It comes in different sizes and dimensions, in pure gold or with a trim of diamond pavé. The LACE Ring is named after the famous, ornamental fabric itself. Many open spaces make its design especially light and airy.