- A Corporate Responsibility Initiative - 

    The new SIGNATURE Wave Ring that was created as a tribute to our favorite element, water, is the focus of our new CSR initiative in cooperation with the Earthbeat Foundation, Zurich. 

    3% of all proceeds for the SIGNATURE Wave ring - only from our own TAMARA COMOLLI boutiques and online-shop - will be donated to the foundation’s projects. The Earthbeat Foundation stands for progress in the gold industry. With a social business approach, the foundation’s goal is to create alternative and sustainable income structures especially for children and women working in gold mining.

    TAMARA COMOLLI supports the following projects - among others - in Busia, East Uganda:


    The temporary projects Heartbeat Honey and Heartbeat Garden aim for a sustainable lifestyle both for people and nature. The Heartbeat Honey project has already financed a one-year education for 80 goldminers to become beekeepers. With the money earned from honey and wax, the future bee farmers can establish their own social business and no longer solely depend on the sometimes dangerous work in goldmining. The Heartbeat Garden project educates locals to cultivate crops. Especially natural resources such as bamboo or vetiver can filter toxins like mercury out of the groundwater. Both resources can be sold without further processing to perfume or manufacturing industries, for example.

    Curious to learn more? 

    Learn more about the supported projects and shop the SIGNATURE Wave Rings here.

    and... learn more about the Earthbeat Foundation here.