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Our highlights For many years our MIKADO pendants have been travelling the world. Together with their owners they discover beautiful hotspots and may appear at #acornsaroundtheworld. This year, we gave MIKADO pendant owners the chance to take part in a competition presenting their wonderful pictures! From July until December they were called upon to upload photos of their very own MIKADO pendants on Facebook or Instagram under #acornsaroundtheworld. In doing so, they had the chance to win a brand new pendant. We were thrilled by all their creative posts which we collected on Take a look and enjoy! Venice and Santorini with beautiful shades of deep blue and turquoise! These pendants as well as a gorgeous MIKADO FLAMENCO bracelet were spotted surrounded by beautiful nature. Inspired by water - our pendants in fresh shades of blue in Formentera and Liguria and at Lake Tegernsee. We would like to say Thank You to all participants for all the great pictures!
MIKADO FLAMENCO pendants in Barcelona
Special tips near our boutiques There is nothing better in the Christmas season than enjoying the delightful atmosphere of German Christmas Markets. There are many magical ones out there. We have selected extra special ones right near our boutiques around the world. Lake Tegernsee A winter wonderland awaits at Tegernseer Adventszauber. The villages around the lake are beautifully decorated and celebrate the season with traditional markets serving hearty Bavarian food and a wide range of handcrafted gifts. https://www.b
Bavarian Christmas Market
Traditional mulled wine
Discover our exclusive offers! Christmas is just around the corner - a special time of year in which we have some very special offers! Enjoy 7% off selected pieces of our most popular collections. On 6 individual dates throughout the season, discover beautiful product selections on with an exclusive 7% discount. The offer applies to all gold colors - rose, white and yellow - and is valid for a limited time only. Then we move on the next calendar door where exciting new treasures are revealed. Be sure
As of November 30: MIKADO pendants - valid until December 4
As of December 5: BOUTON Rings - valid until December 8
The origins of the SNOWFLAKES Leaf TAMARA COMOLLI is not only renowned for a huge variety of colored gemstones, but also for outstanding expertise in diamonds. The most famous gemstone of all plays a very special role in TAMARA COMOLLI Collections. Its outstanding brilliance gives every piece of jewelry an incomparable, timeless elegance. A very special story began in Venice, 2004 when the brand was honored with the DeBeers Diamond Award. The briefing was to design a piece of jewelry that reflects the or
SNOWFLAKES Leaf diamond belt
Tamara Comolli wearing her SNOWFLAKES LEAF as her personal talisman on a leather strap
SNOWFLAKES LEAF white gold with diamonds and rose gold in our color story "Wildberry"
Visiting our production team in Milan This October, our production team traveled to Milan for exclusive insights and knowledge exchange with our Italian goldsmiths. For 20 years, many of our TAMARA COMOLLI items have been produced here right in the center of beautiful Milan. A team of 8 from our own atelier in Tegernsee, from our design and production team, gemstone department and quality control had a look behind the scenes at some fascinating craftsmanship and with a mission for collection launch briefi
Our team in Milan
Italian goldsmiths
Golden chain for the MIKADO FLAMENCO bracelet