Gem of the month


    Green Peridot is our gem of the month in September. Light and deep shades of natural green remind us of summer meadows. Fine, natural inclusions in the gems makes peridot jewelry truly unique.


    As early as 1500 B.C. Peridot was found on Zebirget, an island in the Red Sea. Today, it is sourced in countries as varied as Brazil, Australia, USA, China, Pakistan, Myanmar, Kenya and Norway.

    Peridot - Gem of the month August
    TUPLIP rings
    BOUTON ring Diamond and Peridot
    1. Peridot - Gem of the month August 2. TUPLIP rings 3. BOUTON ring Diamond and Peridot


    The name is derived from the Greek “peridona”, meaning “giving plenty” and from the Arab “faridat”, meaning “gem.” Its second trade name is Olivine. 

    Ancient cultures such as Egypt used Peridot to treat many diseases including asthma, bronchitis and ulcers. The Romans believed that Peridot protected  against demons.

    Peridot is the birthstone for August.

    Fine Jewelry

    Bright 18K white gold makes intense shades of the Peridot glow. We love to combine them with different shades of Topaz for a fresh, summer look as in our Color Story 'Caribbean'.


    Natural Peridot gives warm fall colors a fresh appeal. A perfect combination is with Rutilated and Smoky Quartz set in 18K rose gold.

    Care Recommendations

    Strong heat and extreme changes in temperature should be avoided, as well as exposure to acidic liquids.  

    Peridots should be cleaned with a soft towel. do not use ultrasonic or steam cleaning.