Moonstones are very individual gems, be it in color nuance or that special shine - just like moonlight on a glistening surface. 

    Our moonstones are sourced in Southern India. They go through a long and careful selection process until we have the perfect shades we need. All are carefully cut by our expert supplier who brings out the best of that wonderful moonstone shine. 

    We combine all shades of magical moonstones in two of our famous Color Stories: CAMEL for soft toffee and beige tones, and CASHMERE where shades of grey are added.

    Moonstone colors are as subtle and elegant as soft and natural fabrics and go perfectly with fall and winter wardrobes. 

    The rarest is the so-called ”rainbow moonstone” with its special blueish shimmer. We use them in our stunning Cushion Rings and as a special highlight in certain Color Stories. We also implemented a taupe shade of grey so typical of cashmere wool, giving all combinations a classically fashionable touch.