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    1 Necklace, 4 Looks

    A long 18K necklace is an elegant and precious fine jewelry forever piece and should not be reserved for your jewel box. How to make a long necklace a perfect partner for everyday? Discover our 4 looks for different outfits and occasions (By the way: You can also use one of our thin leather cords).


    Wear a long 90cm necklace twice around your neck and the pendants will accentuate the décolleté nicely. Style this look with v-neck t-shirts or blouses for an eye-catching effect. 

    The delicate INDIA LEAF pendants are just perfect for this look!

    Just a tip: Try this with one of our thin leather cords in your favorite color.

    Waterfall effect

    This look has a more feminine and modern appeal - the "Waterfall effect". The doubled necklace lays over the décolleté. 

    Depending on your mood - try this with a thin leather cord for a more day-to-day styling.

    Typical long

    Choose to stay with the complete length of your necklace. It is perfect for layering different long necklaces with delicate pendants or with one statement pendant.


    This look goes perfect with one of our thick or thin leather cords. Choose the typical TAMARA COMOLLI knot, which is adjustable, for our typical MIKADO pendants.

    How to master the typical leather cord knot!