In January 2018, a part of the TAMARA COMOLLI team travelled to Jaipur, India, together with a camera team. The ­mission of the trip was to learn about the highly creative processes behind the production of INDIA leaves – from the first design idea to the finished product. Through this journey we discovered how difficult it is to work the raw materials like Chalcedony and Onyx. The gems are extremely ­fragile and their production is highly complex.

    Nothing is more exciting than to dive into foreign cultures, meet the artisans behind wonderful creations and discover the vision and brilliance of their craft.

    Our production facility is far away from the bustle of the city center. Here, a small team of highly skilled artisans carefully crafts raw materials such as chalcedony and onyx into beautiful, hand-carved pendants. Available in small, medium or large the INDIA leaf pendants are the colorful spearhead of the INDIA collection. 

    It is amazing to see how one single leaf undergoes 15 production steps before the perfect end product is created. Some of the most important stages are as follows:


    Our INDIA leaf pendants are primarily made of chalcedony and onyx sourced in Rajasthan, North-West India. Starting off as large pieces of stone, they are later cut into thin slices that are carefully analyzed for their ability to absorb color before production proceeds to the dying process.


    After the dying process, the slices of gemstone are sorted according to thickness, size and vibrancy. As a next step, the contours of the three different leaf sizes are carefully cut and, in this initial form, passed on to our skilled craftsmen.


    Five talented artisans now carve out intricate design elements like flowers, leaves and curvy lines, and complete the delicate outer contours of the pendants themselves. The INDIA leaves’ design is inspired by the traditional pattern, paisley. Symbolizing love and unity, it is a common design element in Indian culture and bears resemblance to the drop symbol so typical of the TAMARA COMOLLI brand. The pendants are engraved with tools especially made for the purpose. Once all design elements have been sketched, holes are punched in to the leaves, giving them their typical lightness and exotic look and feel.


    Now the leaves are polished with special cloths and powders from local manufacturers. Throughout the complex production process, the leaves may lose a touch of their color and must therefore be dyed once again. Thereafter, the pendants undergo a strict quality control before finally being forwarded to our goldsmiths in Germany. It is noteworthy that a maximum of five INDIA pendants can be made in one day – a sign of the meticulous handiwork and pure passion that goes into creating these highly individual pieces.

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