Gem of the month


    June’s gem of the month is truly unique. It is the only one made by living creatures: the Pearl.

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    The pearl is produced by mollusks depositing layers of calcium carbonate around tiny irritants that get lodged in their shells. These irritants are varied – not just grains of sand which is popularly believed.

    Pearls rate 2.5 to 4.5 on the Mohs Scale of hardness. Their colors depend on the origin of the mollusks. South Sea pearls and Akoya pearls are white, rose or cream-colored, whereas Tahitian pearls are silver, green or dark grey. Fresh water pearls range from white, silver and rose to darker shades of red and purple. Based on the implanted irritant, their shape can be spherical, oval or grape-shaped.


    Akoya and South Sea pearls come from Japan, China, Indonesia, North West Australia and the Philippines. Tahitian pearls are sourced in Tahiti and Okinawa. Freshwater pearls come from Chinese lakes and rivers.

    History & Meaning

    The pearl is the birthstone of June as well as the third and thirtieth wedding anniversaries. In Old China, pearls were supposed to shelter their owners from fire and dragons. They symbolized wisdom, wealth and dignity. In Europe, pearls are often used as wedding jewelry signifying humility and innocence.


    Pearls come with a very classic appearance and can be combined with many different looks. Add them to your casual daily outfit with classic stud earrings or a single pendant or create your glamorous evening look with bold pearl bracelets and necklaces. 

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    A very young and modern interpretation of pearls are our INDIA pieces made of Mother-of-Pearl, the inner layer of mollusks. They are cut out of Australian mollusks as one whole piece and hand-carved on both sides.  


    Clean with a warm, wet tissue. Do not use ultrasonic or steam cleaning. Avoid contact with cosmetics, make up, oil and sweat in order to preserve their natural luster.