As a first glimpse at our Novelties 2019, we present our INDIA Dream pendant – a precious addition to our beloved INDIA Collection.

    This magical piece is inspired by the legendary Paisley pattern – an ancient, floral motive originally found in Persia that later became an integral feature of Indian art. In India today, it can be admired on the walls of ancient temples, in the patterns of vibrant saris - India’s traditional gowns - and throughout many elements of Indian design. A symbol of eternity and life itself, the pattern fits wonderfully well with the meaningful Collection INDIA has become.

    Set in 18K rose gold and adorned with 0.44ct Sapphires and Tsavorites, the INDIA Dream pendant is an absolute showpiece and a beautiful tribute to our legendary Color Story, Candy.

    Be enchanted by the magic of India and look forward to further gorgeous novelties coming soon!    

    1. INDIA Dream "Candy" pendant, 18K rose gold 2. Impressions of India