Only a short drive from both Pisa and Florence and very close to the amazing Cinque Terre, Forte dei Marmi is THE place to go for luxurious, but still relaxed vacation in Tuscany. Forte dei Marmi has a very authentic cozy Italian spirit. One can enjoy beautiful walks by the beach, relax in one of the excellent 'Bagni', stroll or bike around, have great dinner and of course, find fantastic boutiques! 
    Named after its most popular landmark, the fort 'Il Fortino', and its relation to the Carrara marble ('marmi'), which was shipped from the harbor of Forte dei Marmi back in the days, it is attracting people from all over the world.

    It's also worth to discover the surroundings of Forte dei Marmi. There are plenty of places to visit: Pietrasanta, the historical village in the mountains, with all its art galleries and sculptors, is only a few minutes away. Carrara, where the famous Carrara marble is sourced, is right there. Cinque Terre, the picturesque five villages by the sea, are always worth a visit. Florence: Best of Tuscan history with the famous Uffizi Gallery, Ponte Vecchio or the well-known Duomo. Learn more about Botticelli's 'Birth of Venus', Michelangelo's 'David' and also the famous Medici family. On the way to Florence, have a quick break and climb the Leaning Tower in Pisa or enjoy a refreshing Aperol Spritz nearby! 

    All this makes Forte dei Marmi the perfect 'Location of Spirit' for the recently opened TAMARA COMOLLI Boutique. Come and visit Diego, our charming Boutique Manager, and his lovely colleague Alijzia at the beautiful Piazzetta Tonini. Diego, a local, knows exactly where to go in Forte dei Marmi and has great insider tipps for you! Read more about Diego below!

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    1. Impressions from Forte dei Marmi 2. 'Bagni' in Forte dei Marmi 3. MIKADO Flamenco bracelet CAPRI

    When did you start at TAMARA COMOLLI?
    "I started this year on May the 7th, and I was so excited and curious, because fine jewelry is something totally mesmerizing for me."

    What do you love about TAMARA COMOLLI?
    "This brand is different from all other jewelry brands, because we really put the customers in the center of attention. Our clients are able to choose their own favorite gemstone Color Story. Our customers immediately connect with the gems, I call it GEMSPERIENCE."

    What are your secret spots in Forte dei Marmi? Where to go for shopping and restaurants?
    "Forte  is a wonderful place. Everything is so close, tourists come, park the car and they don’t use it until they leave, everybody goes around by bike. The city is so luxurious! Beautiful stores everywhere: starting from all the major brand stores and many beautiful high-level multibrand shops, of which the most important is definitely 'Fiacchini'.
    Forte is also full of high level restaurants, the best are 'La Magnolia', 'Lorenzo' and 'Bistrot', all of them are one Michelin star restaurants. Forte is also famous for beautiful seaside resorts where the main attraction is the Bagno, a real sitting room on the sand. Here each beach club competes in look, comfort, quality of food and relaxing atmosphere to wrap up its clients in a luxurious experience they will cherish forever. Such as 'Alpe Mare', founded and owned by famous opera singer Andrea Bocelli and his wife Veronica.", or 'Bagno Annetta' or 'Franco Mare' and many more..."

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    1. Diego, our Boutique Manager 2. The TAMARA COMOLLI Boutique in Piazzetta Tonini 3. Diego's favorite: The CURRICULUM VITAE Ring

    What is your favorite design of TAMARA COMOLLI?
    "I love the CURRICULUM VITAE ring. I think it’s a masterpiece, I have always loved rings and this ring is superb! We had the chance to see how it’s made in our workshop in Milan and assist at every single step of the assembling process, it was so emotional and amazing to see how the elements come together in this one-of-a-kind design."

    What is your favorite color story?
    "CAPRI is my favorite, but a Mikado Flamenco WILDBERRY or the pastel PALM BEACH in rose gold is something mind blowing for a lady!"

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     Forte dei Marmi , Italy
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    1. Our beautiful TAMARA COMOLLI Boutique from the inside 2. Our wonderful Boutique Team with founder and designer Tamara Comolli