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    Situated on the Mediterranean Sea on the Costa del Sol, Marbella is the perfect place to relax and enjoy the sun and the beautiful sandy beaches. TAMARA COMOLLI opened a Boutique in this stunning location in 2016. In the prestigious Marbella Club Hotel you can find our Boutique managed by Georgette, our lovely Boutique Manager. Read why she loves TAMARA COMOLLI and what she's inspired by in this spirit location. MEET GEORGETTE When did you start at TAMARA COMOLLI? "I started 1st of March this year." What makes TAMARA COMOLLI so special for you? "I am simply in love with TAMARA COMOLLI jewelry: it's so pure, so perfect in every single way. It's not just a piece of jewelry, it's a piece of art, a pure feeling. And the spirit, Casual Luxury, is in my soul ever since!" What are your favorite products? "I would always go for the MIKADO Flamenco bracelet, it is so iconic and perfect! I also love BOUTON rings, it's just great how you can combine them in so many gemstone colors! The perfect
    BOUTON rings Peridot large and Diamond pavé small
    BEHIND THE SCENESVisiting our production team in Milan Now that our Boutique in Forte dei Marmi in Tuscany opened in June 2018, we want to tell you more about the connection that existed ever since between TAMARA COMOLLI and 'Bella Italia'. To learn more about Italy and our production site, we traveled to Milan for exclusive insights and knowledge exchange with our Italian goldsmiths last year. For 20 years now many of our TAMARA COMOLLI items have been produced here right in the center of beautiful Milan. A team of ei
    Our team in Milan
    Italian goldsmiths
    ... to Munich! Munich has so many different angles, creativity, fashion forward, young and simultaneously traditional with the typical 'Gemütlichkeit'. Editors' Picks Munich has much more to discover than the 'Oktoberfest'. The TAMARA COMOLLI boutique team has some recommendations There are areas in Munich that you might want to discover and have not yet visited: The Brienner Quartier right in the center at the historical Maximiliansplatz. Our latest boutique is right there next to labels such as 'Aesop' and 'ACNE S
    TAMARA COMOLLI Boutique Munich
    TAMARA COMOLLI Boutique Munich
    TAMARA COMOLLI Boutique München
    TAMARA COMOLLI Boutique Munich
    Tamara herself grew up at the Costa del Sol, so it was only a matter of time that the brand would set foot here. The renowned Marbella Club Hotel was just the perfect location for a new boutique. Ever since its early years the Marbella Club Hotel has been a bespoken jet set location with an incomparable charm and heritage. Its beautiful beachside location and timeless elegance create the perfect environment for the brand´s spirit. Therefore, we are especially proud to announce the opening of our 6th TAMA