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    Fashion Inspiration Every Fall, nature unfolds its wonders in opulent tones of aubergine, burgundy, blackberry and deep purple. Shades that not only inspire the world of fashion with beautiful burgundy stlyes but also match our Color Story “Wildberry”. Fabulous Tourmaline and Amethyst light up foggy days and enhance every cozy Fall outfit. Rays of diamond cut Sapphires surprise with their many berry color variations. The natural Corundum gemstone that is both a Sapphire (when blue, purple or rose) and Ruby (when red) explains that colors range from red to blue. For a vibrant splash of color, choose stunning pink Tourmaline. Its intensive shade is as beautiful as it is rare. Our MIKADO pendants and BOUTON rings are perfectly cut to catch the light, letting this gorgeous color shine at its best. Or go a bit softer with rose Tourmaline - indeed a delicate treasure! Another fascinating berry-colored gem is the Amethyst. The dark purple hue is powerful and mysterious. Sophisticated on its own, it’s also a great in combination with shades of pink and rose for that extra feminine look. Set in smooth solid gold, our Wildberry gemstones shine in all their beauty. Our PAISLEY CHANDELIER e
    MIKADO FLAMENCO bracelet Color Story "Wildberry" - please contact
    Blue, purple and rose Sapphires