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    The origins of the SNOWFLAKES Leaf TAMARA COMOLLI is not only renowned for a huge variety of colored gemstones, but also for outstanding expertise in diamonds. The most famous gemstone of all plays a very special role in TAMARA COMOLLI Collections. Its outstanding brilliance gives every piece of jewelry an incomparable, timeless elegance. A very special story began in Venice, 2004 when the brand was honored with the DeBeers Diamond Award. The briefing was to design a piece of jewelry that reflects the or
    SNOWFLAKES Leaf diamond belt
    Tamara Comolli wearing her SNOWFLAKES LEAF as her personal talisman on a leather strap
    SNOWFLAKES LEAF white gold with diamonds and rose gold in our color story "Wildberry"
    Flora and fauna offer an extraordinary variety of shapes and colors. Yet different shades of green are not only found in vegetation, but in those hidden treasures of nature to which precious gemstones belong. The Peridot, known to the Romans as the “evening emerald” is primarily found in Myanmar. It comes in yellow and brownish shades of green, as well as in an olive tone, from which its second name, the Olivine, is derived. The Tsavorit - belonging to the Garnet family of gems - is remarkable for its bright, fresh t
    TULIP ring small Peridot - please contact our Customer Service
    LILY ring green Tourmaline - please contact our Customer Service
    How to stack BOUTON rings BOUTON rings, available in small and large, are made to be collected! Combine selected gemstones in different colors and sizes to match your every mood! How to combine our BOUTON rings? Check out our video for famous variati