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How to stack BOUTON rings BOUTON rings, available in small and large, are made to be collected! Combine selected gemstones in different colors and sizes to match your every mood! How to combine our BOUTON rings? Check out our video for famous variations. Mix and match your favorite colors! BOUTON rings contain the highest quality gemstones and come in all the colors of the rainbow. Choose your favorites to create an individual look. However, we recommend to stick to the same color gold when putting your combinations together. Our latest BOUTON ring is a special one: A delicate and elegant Solitaire. Perfectly intertwined, it is a perfect match to our small and large BOUTONS. Worn by itself, it has a bright brilliance and is ideal as an engagement ring. About small and large The sizes can be mixed in different ways. A single large BOUTON looks great on its own. Combining one large BOUTON with one or two more small ones show off different colors at its best. Or, add a little sparkle to a
Perfect start into the festive season with a sparkling combination of BOUTON rings in all gold colors. Tricolor combinations work best with stackable Diamond rings. The small and large BOUTON rings are perfect for this trend. Why not layering the little acorn shape pendants of all gold colors? The MIKADO FLAMENCO and the MIKADO BOUQUET pendants with scintillating Diamond pavé are just perfect.
Warm shades of camel colors blend nicely into a warm elegant jewelry feel specially set in 18 Karat rose gold. Many styles in our Collection allow different looks complemented with either diamonds or a touch of orange Mandarin Garnet. Add a perfect finishing touch with a delicate pendant with Diamonds or choose natural materials like precious Agar Wood.
Pure gold jewelry has never been out of style. Make a statement with our refined designs and create personal looks. The classic metal featured in solid chains, rings or bracelets embodies pure luxury and reflects TAMARA COMOLLI's passionate craftsmanship and quality. Add some scintillating Diamonds ...
Rose gold FLOWER pendant
Rose gold FLOWER pendant
Rose gold FAIRY ring and bracelet
FAIRY ring and bracelet