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ONE BRACELET - TWO LOOKS! Our three-row INDIA bracelets are particularly versatile accessories. Worn individually, combined with the SIGNATURE bracelet or worn casually as a necklace, the bracelets are true all-rounders! The bracelets are available in three different sizes: S, M and L and are therefore suitable for every wrist! STYLING TIPS FOR INDIA BRACELETS The INDIA bracelets match every outfit, whether elegantly combined with diamonds or casually with leather and jeans! Here we show you some of our favorite combinations for the perfect bracelet layering with our moonstone bracelets in Color Story CAMEL: Discover more INDIA bracelets here!
INDIA bracelet CAMEL worn as bracelet
INDIA bracelet CAMEL worn as necklace
All About Earrings Discover a world of earrings to match many styles, be it colorful, elegant or romantic! BOUTON STUDS: Color meets sparkle! The BOUTON collection is introducing colorful ear studs adorned with a dazzling diamond to match the popular BOUTON rings. This design truly convinces through its sassy wearability, up-to-dateness and coolness. The BOUTON earring can either be shown classic
BOUTON studs with deep blue Swiss Topaz!
They are playful, they are versatile and they tempt to collect - MIKADO pendants! Our MIKADO pendants are an essential piece of the TAMARA COMOLLI collections. Available in three sizes, these acorn shaped charms add the perfect finishing touch to an
1 Necklace, 4 Looks A long 18K necklace is an elegant and precious fine jewelry forever piece and should not be reserved for your jewel box. How to make a long necklace a perfect partner for everyday? Discover our 4 looks for different outfits and occasions (By the way: You can also use one of our thin leather cords). Doubled Wear a long 90cm necklace twice around your neck and the pendants will a
Yes, they’re easy to wear, fit to many styles and invite to create individual expression: INDIA LEAF pendants reflect our signature laid-back attitude. The delicate pendants are engraved with florals and ornamental patterns. INDIA LEAF pendants add a perfect finishing touch to casual everyday looks, vacation wardrobes or elegant city styles. Team different sizes and colors for a typical layering look. Three INDIA LEAF sizes Mastering the art of layering might not need to be hard. Choose different sizes and colors of INDIA LEAF pendants. INDIA LEAF pendants are available in three different sizes: large, medium and small. Variety of colors Choose from a large variety of colors - from rose to minty Chalcedony or elegant black Onyx. Celebrate your personal style with our true fine jewelry essential.
Typical Layering Look
Typical Layering Look