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Visiting our production team in Milan This October, our production team traveled to Milan for exclusive insights and knowledge exchange with our Italian goldsmiths. For 20 years, many of our TAMARA COMOLLI items have been produced here right in the center of beautiful Milan. A team of 8 from our own atelier in Tegernsee, from our design and production team, gemstone department and quality control had a look behind the scenes at some fascinating craftsmanship and with a mission for collection launch briefi
Our team in Milan
Italian goldsmiths
Golden chain for the MIKADO FLAMENCO bracelet
Unique Venini vases for long-standing partners This year TAMARA COMOLLI celebrates its 25th brand anniversary - a time full of outstanding jewelry, exciting trends, wonderful memories and unique partnerships. Also a time to say thank you to all of our wonderful partners and jewelers for being part of the TAMARA COMOLLI story since its very beginnings. With a very special gift: As a token of our gratitude, we created a very special gift as unique as our partners and as colorful as our jewelry. In cooperation with interna
Special "Thank You" gift: Venini vases "Fazzoletto"
Fascinating craftsmanship
What our clients and partners say 2017 marks the 25th anniversary of TAMARA COMOLLI. Its evolution is not only due to its collections and unique philosophy, but also its dedication to developing strong, enduring client and partner relationships. The
The Designer - Tamara Comolli
Looking back to 25 years of passion for gems and design.