FLAMENCO bracelet Chestnut

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Vibrant shades are the main feature of our MIKADO FLAMENCO bracelet in Color Story Chestnut. Smoky Quartz, Palmeira, Honey and Cognac Citrine, Amethyst and rose Tourmaline are beautifully composed to an elegant look. The end element is highlighted by a beautiful clasp, that adjusts to several lengths. Over all this bracelet is elegant and fits all occasions.


18K rose gold
17x Smoky Quartz (each ca.3.2ct), 9x Palmeira Citrine (each ca. 3.2ct), 4x Honey Citrine (each ca. 3.2ct), 12x Cognac Citrine (each ca. 3.2ct),5x Amethyst (each ca. 3.2ct) and 4x rose Tourmaline (each ca. 3.2ct);
weight ca.116 g
wearing length 18,0-18,5 cm
total length 22 cm