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ONE BRACELET - TWO LOOKS! Our three-row INDIA bracelets are particularly versatile accessories. Worn individually, combined with the SIGNATURE bracelet or worn casually as a necklace, the bracelets are true all-rounders! The bracelets are available in three different sizes: S, M and L and are therefore suitable for every wrist! STYLING TIPS FOR INDIA BRACELETS The INDIA bracelets match every outfit, whether elegantly combined with diamonds or casually with leather and jeans! Here we show you some of our favorite combinations for the perfect bracelet layering with our moonstone bracelets in Color Story CAMEL: Discover more INDIA bracelets here!
INDIA bracelet CAMEL worn as bracelet
INDIA bracelet CAMEL worn as necklace
Anyone who has ever been to India dreams of India and always carries the exotic spirit in his heart!Beautiful wall paintings of the Indian temples and the wonderful silk fabrics of the precious sari dresses inspired the designer to create the INDIA Dream pendant. The Paisley form is deeply rooted in the culture of India and emphasizes in this dreamy piece of jewelry finest filigree handicraft. The new INDIA Dream pendant is manufactured with most loving goldsmith's work. The filigree relief of the golden
Blue as our signature color is reflected in an interesting variety of gemstones. It's the color of the ocean, the sky and on top of all: our BRAND color. Discover all gemstones in shades of blue from rare to contemporary fashionable. TOPAZ One of our signature gemstones is the Topaz. Be inspired by a true blue color sensation when combining our three shades of Topaz: The light and pale Sky Topaz, the intensely glowing Swiss Topaz and the dark blue moody London Topaz. SAPPHIRES The classical blue gemstone is Sapphire.
A mother's love is irreplaceable for every human of any culture. They give us protection, security and trust. Since 1914 the "Mother's Day" is officially celebrated worldwide, which has originally evolved in the US from the so-called "Mother's Day M
With our beautiful diamond cut BOUTON Solitaire rings! Go for the classical editions with white or champagne-colored diamonds or try our new colorful BOUTON Solitaire designs with yellow and blue sapphires or intense-pink spinels. A ring design as v
BOUTON Solitaire with a 0,25ct white diamond, 18K rose gold